What Type of Pallet Racking Decking Do I Need?

Do I Need Decking for My Pallet Rack?

While you do not technically need decking for your pallet rack if your rack is sized according to your pallet it is highly recommended. Your pallet pallet rack will be much safer to use and will be able to accomodate different size pallets and pallets that are not in great shape. 

With no decking on your pallet rack this can create a serious safety concern with a pallet falling through the racks and possibly putting your employees at risk. If you do not have decking we strongly recommend that you consider one of the options seen below.

Wire Mesh Decking (most commonly used)

Wire Decking on Pallet Rack

Wire Mesh Decking is by far the most commonly used type of pallet rack decking. It is so commonly used because it works really well and is the most economical option. Wire Decking is available in all different sizes and can be made to fit the capacity that you are needing. 

One scenario where wire decking is not a great option is when you are trying to store a point load. For example a container or basket that has feet on it. Wire decking works better when the load is dispersed by a solid pallet. Wire Decking is also favorable in the fire marshal's eye due to good sprinkler flow.

Plywood Decking or 2" x 6"

Wood Decking on Pallet Rack

For light weight items or hand stacking items, wood decking can be an economical option to get decking on you pallet racking. It can be one of the cheaper options especially if you have a good connection to a wood supplier. That being said, wood can be easily damaged and is not a good idea to be serviced with a forklift. There is also a fire concern when putting wood in your facility and the fire department might not like the use of this decking option.

Pallet Supports or Crossbars

Crossbars on pallet rack

Pallet Supports can be a good option for a facility that has a lot of the same size pallets and is looking for an economical option to have some sort of safety feature in their pallet racking. Pallet support bars come in different sizes and finishes. The one in the picture above is flanged and will be tek screwed into the front of the pallet racking beam.

Bar Grating Decking for Pallet Rack

Bar grating decking on pallet racking

Bar Grating Decking for Pallet Rack can be a fantastic option if you need a decking option that is extremely durable. This style of decking is most commonly seen when customers are trying to load some sort of container that has feet that are likely to do damage to a common wire deck. Bar grating deck can also have a solid plate welded to it if there are going to be in rack sprinklers.

Punch Decking for Pallet Rack

Punch decking on pallet rack

Punch Decking is another metal decking option that provides great capacity, although not quite as much capacity as bar grating decking will provide. Like wire decking, punch decking provides good flow for water from sprinkler systems making it a good option for lots of safety inspectors.

Corrugated Decking With Cover Plate

Corrugated decking on pallet rack

Corrugated Decking with a cover plate has corrugated b decking sitting in the step of the beam and a cover plate sitting on top. The cover plate that sits on top can be done with a solid deck or done with holes punched in it. This is typically decided by what will be stored on there, the sprinkler system, and fire codes. This type of decking is commonly seen in furniture storage applications.

Steel Decking for Pallet Rack

solid steel decking on pallet rack

Solid Steel

Perforated steel decking on pallet rack

Perforated Steel

Solid Steel works great as a solid decking top for storing small items that might fall through perforated steel. It also work good for a workstation or a table top. This type of decking can have supports welded to the bottom of the deck to provide the capacity that you need.

Perforated Steel Decking for pallet racking provides a similar surface as the solid steel top but will allow water or liquids to pass through it. This may improve safety for flammable products.

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