Project Description:

A customer of ours was building a new facility and needing to optimize space for their long steel tubing storage. Working with the customer we landed on a narrow aisle rail guided cantilever racking system serviced with a combi lift. Trammell equipment designed and installed the cantilever racking.

This cantilever racking system utilizes single sided and double sided cantilever racks. If you look closely the arms were done special with a "half moon" on the end of the cantilever arms to keep loads from getting caught while putting them up and taking them down. Another thing to notice is the rail guide on the front of the pallet rack that keeps the lift from running into the rack and damaging the system.

I Beam Cantilever Racks:

This heavy duty I beam cantilever rack, also known as structural steel is used in heavy duty applications. This customer was storing very heavy loads so the obvious choice was structural steel over roll formed. 

Products Used On Project:

Double Sided Cantilever Racks
Cantilever Rack Heavy Duty
Cantilever Rack Single Sided
Cantilever Racking System
I Beam Cantilever Racking
Rail Guided Cantilever Rack System

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