Rousseau Technician Workcenters

Rousseau Technician Workcenters are often utilized but not limited to automotive service departments. The ruggedness and flexibility to create the exact custom workcenter for your service department is what sets Rousseau apart. The durability of their product is unmatched. With 400 lbs. capacity per drawer and a lifetime warranty on the rolling mechanism, you never have to worry about these drawers going bad. There are hundreds of ways to customize your workbenches and toolboxes in the service department with Rousseau. Some of these customizations include stainless tops, multitek carts, computer cabinets, reel units, power strips, lockers, and much more. If you want to give your service department a clean and finished look that will impress customers, look no further than Rousseau's workbenches and toolboxes. Your technicians will thank you for choosing the quality of Rousseau Metal. 

Below are some common configurations of Rousseau's Technician Workcenters but most jobs we do are custom. Contact us to let us help you design the perfect workcenter for your service department!

Design your own bay with Rousseau Bay Design Tool!

Rousseau Metal Workstation Bay Design Tool

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