Safety Guard Railing

Steel King Heavy Duty Warehouse Guard Rail is the ideal warehouse guard rail system to protect your employees and facility from forklift damage. Available for Quick Ship out of Sauk Village, IL.

  • 13,000 lbs. capacity at 5mph impact!
  • Available in Single high our double high versions
  • Posts are 4" square structural tubing on a 10" square baseplate
  • Posts include (4) 3/4" x 5 1/2" wedge anchors
  • Rails are 14.5", 11 gauge, 3 ribbed rails
  • Bolt in or Lift out versions are available

Warehouse Guard Rails Overview

Steel King Industrial Guard Rails are the heaviest duty guard rail in the industry. Available in single high and double high rails this 11 gauge guard rail is no dinky design. Steel King Warehouse Guard Rail is available in many different sizes and with different guard rail post styles making it the most dynamic and customizable guard rail on the market. 

This warehouse guard rail system is in stock and available to ship out in 24-48 hours to your location for an easy installation.

Safety Guard Railing Specifications

  • 13,000 lbs. at 5mph impact
  • Guard Rail Posts are 4" square tubing on 10" square base plate
  • Guard Rail Lengths are 1', 2', 3', 4', 5', 6', 7', 8', 9', 10'
  • Guard Rail Post are available in 18" high or 42" high
  • Guard Rail Posts are available in Offset or Corner Versions
  • Comes with (4) anchors 3/4" x 5 1/2"
  • Rails are 14 1/2" tall, 11 gauge, 3 ribbed rails
  • Available in Bolt or Lift out versions
  • Available for quickship out of Sauk Village, IL

Single High Warehouse Guard Rail Systems

Single High Guard Rail

Double High Warehouse Guard Rail System

Double High Guard Rail

Industrial Guard Rail System

Warehouse Guard Rail System

How To Design Warehouse Guard Rail System

The easiest thing to do is to describe what you need to a Trammell Representative or let them make a site visit to determine your needs, but here are a couple of things to note in the design. 

  1. Decide which style posts will go where. Choose from center, corner, offset center, offset corner, corner corner
  2. Decide if you want single high or double high rails
  3. Layout the length of the guard rail to fit your space

Offset Post for Guard Rail Safety System
Forklift Guard Rail System for end of Pallet Rack

Forklift Guard Rail System for Pallet Rack

How to Assemble Warehouse Guard Rail

  1.  Check the material to make sure everything required has been received
  2.  Snap a chalk line on the floor to establish the guard rail layout
  3.  Bolt the rails to the guard rail posts using the 1/2" diameter x 1" long serrated flange bolts...Torque the bolt to 60 ft-lbs.
  4.  Square and plumb the posts on the chalk lines
  5.  Anchor the post using 3/4" x 5 1/2" (included) Torque anchors to 150 foot pounds
  6.  Tighten all remaining bolts
  7.  Install Guard Rail Posts Caps
  8.  Vacuum up anchor dust and all debris

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