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Different Types of Industrial Shelving

When sourcing modular industrial shelving it is important to know all of the different options you have before purchasing. There are several styles of metal shelving to choose from, but you want to find the right type for your application.

New Industrial Steel Shelving Units

Steel shelving has a wide range of use and is by far the most popular item for hand-stacking material on shelving. These shelves have a capacity of up to 650 lbs. per shelf and are available in many different sizes. The industrial metal shelving that we prefer is Rousseau Metal because of its ease of installation, versatility, paint color options, good lead times, and top quality product. This industrial shelving system can be used for backroom shelving, parts storage systems, tall industrial shelving, industrial parts shelving and more. 

We keep this shelving in stock to service our customers quickly.

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Steel Shelving Features:

  • Can be made open or closed style shelving (open style has x braces and closed has solid steel panels)
  • Features up to 650 lbs. capacity per shelf
  • Many different powder coated color options available at no up charge
  • Can be made into a shelving supported mezzanine
  • Lots of different accessories including: shelving dividers, drawers, doors and more can be added
  • Shelves are adjustable on 1" centers
  • Widths of 36", 42", and 48"
  • Depths of 12", 18", 24", and 30"
  • Heights up to 144" tall but can be spliced higher than that

Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving Orange and Black

2. Used Industrial Shelving

Trammell Equipment has used industrial shelving for sale out of our Birmingham, AL warehouse. We have many different used industrial shelving units sizes and brands available in our inventory. Trammell inspects all used industrial shelves before they go out to ensure that you do not receive any damaged product and usually ships a couple of extra shelves in case there is concealed damage. 

Used Industrial Shelving Features:

  • Quality Products at an economical price
  •  Used Industrial Shelving is in stock so there is no lead time
  • Used Heavy duty shelving ships from Birmingham, AL so it may be cheaper freight depending on where you are located
  • Used Industrial Shelving ships knocked down strapped and banded to pallets for easy transportation and unloading. 
  • Comes with all necessary hardware for installation
  • Open and closed style shelving available.

Used Industrial Shelving Borroughs

Rivet rack shelving is a good option if you are trying to save money and have light-medium weight items that you are going to put on the rivet shelves. Rivet shelving can go up to 12' tall and has a decking options including particle board, wire decking, and solid steel. Industrial rivet shelving comes in single rivet or double rivet depending on how much weight you will be putting on each shelf. 

One major advantage to rivet shelving is that there are no back braces or back panels required allowing you to pick off both sides of the shelf. 

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Rivet Shelving Features:

  • No back brace or back panel allowing picking from both sides
  • Good for light to medium weight items
  • Often used for record storage
  • Available in single rivet or double rivet
  • Widths available from 24" wide to 96" wide
  • Depths available from 12" deep to 48" deep
  • Decking options include particle board, wire decking, and solid steel

Rivet Shelving with Particle Board

Bulk Shelving also referred to as wide-span shelving or mini rack, is good for storing light-heavy parts that you will be hand stacking. It is not meant to operate with a forklift. Decking options include wood, wire decking, or solid steel shelves. 

We prefer Rousseau's Mini Racking product as it offers a lot of versatility to integrate with shelving and shelving supported mezzanines. It is available in many different standard colors and usually has a great lead time. Bulk shelving is often used in parts storage to store larger auto body parts and boxes. Rousseau mini racking is available in a lighter duty and heavier duty version.

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Bulk Shelving Features:

  • Decking options include wood, wire decking, and solid steel decking
  • Available widths include 36" wide up to 96" 
  • Available depths include 18" deep up to 48" 
  • Available heights include 75" up to 144"
  • Can be made into a hanging rack
  • Can be integrated into a shelving supported mezzanine
  • Great for storing bulky boxes, auto parts, or record storage

Bulk Shelving in Car Dealership

Industrial shelving with drawers are a great option if you are trying to store lots of small parts in shelving. These shelving drawers by rousseau metal are available in many different sizes and configurations to fit you specific needs. Get your shelves and drawers in almost any color you want with no upcharge. 

With 400 lbs. capacity per drawer, rousseau's shelving with drawers are the most durable and tested on the market. They are more economical than standard drawer cabinets and allow for shelf storage above the drawers to maximize your space. Shelving with drawers can be easily integrated into your shelving system or shelving supported mezzanine. Often used in automotive dealerships for parts storage solutions. Rousseau's industrial shelving with drawers is able to fit into 32 different manufacturers shelving.

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Industrial Shelving with Drawers Features:

  • 400 lbs. capacity per drawer
  • Lifetime warranty on rolling mechanism
  • Lots of different partition and divder arrangements available
  • Available in many different dimensions
  • Multiple drawer heights available from 3" high to 15" high
  • Multiple accessories available including doors and different locks

Industrial Shelving with Drawers and Dividers

Wire shelving with capacities of up to 800 lbs. per shelf are an option to help organize any area. With many different finishes including chrome, stainless, and epoxy, there is a style of wire shelving for any wet or dry application that you might have. 

Stainless steel wire shelving is perfect for any laboratory, hospital, or cleanroom application that you may have. There is also a wide variety of accessories that can be added to wire shelving including casters, bins, and ledges to keep things from falling off.

Wire Shelving Features

  • Available in Chrome, Stainless Steel, Green Epoxy, Black Epoxy, and Grey Epoxy
  • Many different sizes and dimensions available
  • Quick lead time
  • Assembles without nuts or bolts

Chrome Wire Shelving Units

Automotive parts bin shelving units also known as flexi-bins are commonly seen in automotive parts departments. They are good for storing and organizing smaller parts. Featuring a shelf that slides out so you can see the entire shelf. 

Automotive Parts Bin Shelving

  • Sliding shelf dividers available
  • Dimensions are 36" wide x 12" deep x 84" high
  • Shelves slide out for full access to shelf
  • Commonly seen in automotive parts departments

Automotive parts shelving units

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