Carton flow rack is a gravity flow rack system for cartons or cases. The cartons are loaded on one side of the system, they flow down on the roller tracks, and then are picked from on the opposite end. 

Carton Flow Rack Systems

Understanding Carton Flow Rack

Carton flow rack systems are a great storage method when you have order picking going on in your warehouse. Carton flow systems are commonly used in picking operations where the inventory has a shelf life and needs to maintain a proper stock rotation. On traditional static shelves sku’s can get stuck in the back of the shelving. If it has an expiration date on it, this can be a problem. Case flow rack solves this problem.

Carton flow rack is used within a pallet racking system. The flow beds rest on top of the beams and flow cartons or cases through the system. The cartons are loaded into the back of the rack system and flow down to the front of the rack on the roller track. This decreases the shelf time that inventory has by maintaining inventory rotation. Carton flow rack has the ability to increase your storage capacity and create greater efficiency at your business.

Split case picking is when you will be picking individual items out of your cartons or cases. When you are split case picking it is common to use a “knuckle” that angles the carton out so you have greater visibility into the carton flow shelves.

Full Case Picking is when you are taking full cartons or full cases out of the rack system when you are picking it.

Full Bed of Rollers For Carton Flow

Full Bed of Rollers

Full wheel bed carton flow racking systems are an ideal solution when your inventory has varying shapes and sizes. This carton flow system is very adaptable to different size boxes. This is good if you have many different size items or you are not sure what size your cases will be in the future. 

Storage lanes can easily be adjusted to fit your specific needs at that moment. Full width carton flow often has moveable guide rails to let you know where the lanes are. Wheels are typically made of polypropylene or plastic wheels 1.9” in diameter. These easily drop into your existing pallet rack system.

Dedicated Lane Carton Flow Rack

Dedicated Lane Carton Flow

Dedicated lane carton flow is the most economical solution if you have a standard size inventory. Dedicated lane carton flow is basically a small piece of gravity conveyor inside your 

rack system and is often referred to as span track. 

Each carton you put into the system has a specific lane that it goes into. Rollers are available in aluminum or steel. They are available in light duty, standard duty, and heavy duty depending on your specific application. Roller centers are also adjustable depending on what type of carton that you are flowing. These lanes also are easy to install on standard pallet rack

Where is Carton Flow Rack Used?

  • Distribution centers
  • Mass consumer goods distribution
  • Pick modules
  • Wine and Spirits
  • Beverage
  • Dairy Products
  • Hardware
  • Auto Supply
  • Retail/Finished goods packaging

Gravity Flow Rack

HOw to Design your Carton Flow System

When designing carton flow rack system there are some questions you need to ask:

  • What is my product size and how much do they weigh?
  • How many sku’s am trying to store?
  • How deep does the system need to be?
  • Am I split case picking or full carton picking
  • What material are my cartons made out of? Cardboard? Plastic?
  • Do I need overstock storage above my carton flow?

Your carton flow tracks may need intermediate supports depending on the depth of your carton flow track and the weight of your boxes. 

If you are not sure what type of storage system you may be needing and are considering carton flow rack, we will be happy to walk you through what rack system will work best for you. Trammell equipment has the expertise to help you walk through what solution will work best for you. A representative will come to your facility, discuss your needs, measure your storage space, and provide a layout and quote at no charge. 

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