Drive in and Drive Thru Rack

Drive in Racking

Drive in pallet rack systems provide the maximum storage density of any engineered pallet storage system by eliminating the aisles. As a matter of fact, drive in rack can increase storage capacity up to 60%!

Drive in rack is used on a first in last out basis (FILO) so it works well in systems that have a lot of the same SKU's. Commonly seen in coolers and freezers to help maximize storage in such valuable square footage. If you have inventory that shifts on a regular basis, then drive in or drive thru pallet rack may be a system that you want to consider. Drive in Rack can be designed to go as deep as you need it to.

Drive Thru Racking

Drive Thru Racking is the same concept as drive in, except pallets can be loaded and unloaded from both sides of the system. This allows a little more flexibility in your ability to pick certain pallets. Drive Thru Racking is a first in first out (FIFO) racking system because the pallets are loaded on one side of the system and retrieved on the other side. 

How to Operate a Drive in Rack System

Pallet Integrity is of utmost importance whenever you are operating in a drive in rack system. When the pallet is loaded in the system, the pallet rest on rails on each side and the middle is unsupported. A pallet failure means that the load will fall through. Whenever the system is being designed it is vitally important that the pallets being used and the load sizes are taken into account. Preventing damage in drive in racking systems is also something that needs to be accounted for. A couple of extra dollars spent up front bulking up the system can save a lot of money and headache in the long haul.

Warehouse Design and Layout for Drive in/Drive Thru Rack

For over 35 years, Trammell has been designing Drive in Rack Systems for companies just like yours. We have the knowledge and expertise to take your project from conceptual to real life as painless and cost effective as possible. With so many different Drive in/Drive Thru racking options it can be overwhelming but you can rely on us to help steer you in the right direction. Our consultations include free AutoCAD designs and layouts and free quotes as well. We feel confident we can create the right Drive in Racking System to meet your customized needs.

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