Pallet Flow Rack Project

Pallet Flow Rack Project

Project Description:

This customer had a warehouse operation that was growing and needing to increase efficiency. We provided a picking and storage solutions to help increase warehouse efficiency with a pallet flow racking system, pushback racking system, safety guard railing, pallet rack netting, and gravity conveyor. 

Pallet Flow Racking System:

This project used a pallet flow racking system pushback rack system inside the same bays of rack and a picking aisle down the center. On the bottom section there was a flow rack system, and up top was overstock storage utilizing a pushback rack system. The rack was only serviced from one side and in the center bulky items were being picked to go out for shipment. 

Mallard Flow Racking System:

This project was coordinated by Trammell Equipment between Speedrack (supplying pallet rack) and Mallard (supplying flow components). Both of these projects were matched up to provide a nice high density rack system for our customer. We designed permitted and installed this project for our customer. 

Other products that were used were Savety Yellow Guard Rail with drop in rails, pallet rack safety netting, Speedrack Teardrop Pallet Racking, Mallard Manufacturing Push back rack and pallet flow rack.

Products Used On Project:

Pallet Flow Rack Project
Mallard Pushback Racking System
Pallet Flow Rack System
Pallet Rack Netting
Pushback Racking System
Savety Yellow Guard Rail

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