Warehouse Mezzanine and Work Platforms

 Warehouse Mezzanines

Trammell Equipment is your #1 source for custom warehouse mezzanines and storage platform projects. We have the expertise and product lines to increase your storage capacity ensuring you get the most storage out of your facility. 

When you request a price quote or request for information, it will be sent to one of our mezzanine experts to assist you with your needs. Trammell can help you put your overhead space to work with a work platform in no time. 

We custom design every warehouse mezzanine system to fit your capacities, column placement, and functionality needs. We tailor our design to maximize your process and increase your efficiencies. Mezzanines are a perfect solution to help you stay in your existing facility.

All of our mezzanines are:

  • Custom designed and engineered to fit your needs
  • Available in structural or cold rolled steel components
  • Designed for heavy duty use
  • Available with different mezzanine floors
  • Available with different capacities
  • Have a significant tax depreciation advantage

Steel Mezzanine

Mezzanine Flooring and Decking Options

Bar Grating for Mezzanine

Bar Grating

Bar Grating is the most common form of mezzanine decking. The type of bar grating that you use on most steel platforms is 1" x 1/8" bearing bars. The grating is "butterfly clipped" down to the mezzanine structure to hold it in place. This is a preferred method over welding to mezzanine framing. 

To note about bar grating:

  • Allows for flow of light, air, and sprinklers
  • Extremely durable
  • Not good for using pallet jack

Resindek Mezzanine Flooring


ResinDek is a composite engineered flooring system for storage mezzanines. It comes in many different varieties such as unfinished, finished, and steel plated. This mezzanine floor is tongue and grooved ensuring smooth fits and no ridges. It is screwed into mezzanine structure.

To note about ResinDeck:

  • Good for keeping small parts from falling through
  • Works with pallet jack
  • Most affordable option

Diamond Treadplate Mezzanine Floor

Diamond Plate

If durability is a consideration in your mezzanine flooring choice, you may want to consider diamond plate. Diamond plate is generally installed over a layer of advantech (plywood) and fastened down to it. This gives you a solid resilient mezzanine flooring option. Allows for higher point load capacities.

To note about Diamond Plate:

  • Very durable
  • Allows for higher point loads on flooring
  • Enables a quiet floor


Concrete pour over decking for storage mezzanine platform is the most durable flooring option available. Concrete does make the industrial mezzanine floor permanent so take this into consideration. Steel decking is provided with a pan going around the perimeter.

To note about concrete decking:

  • Is a permanent floor
  • The most durable mezzanine floor
  • Used in heavy duty applications

Different Types of Mezzanines

Freestanding Mezzanine

Freestanding Mezzanine

Free standing mezzanines are the best solution if you need flexibility. It allows you to make a totally custom mezzanine placing columns, framing, and staircase in places that work for your facility. This allows you to increase your warehouse space.

Free-standing mezzanines are engineered to your specific loading capacities, whether you need a storage mezzanine or an equipment platform. These steel work platforms are eligible for accelerated tax depreciation making it a good investment. 

These pre engineered mezzanines can easily be erected or torn down and taken to a new facility with you. The deck height can be from 9' tall up to 25' foot tall depending on your specific needs. You can buy a new mezzanine in cold rolled steel or structural steel mezzanines.

Shelving Mezzanine

Shelving Mezzanine

Shelving mezzanines are a type of mezzanine for storing small to medium size parts. If you are going to use shelving on the bottom and top level of the mezzanine platform, then why not use the shelving to support the flooring to get some additional storage space. 

Shelving mezzanines allow you to void having to purchase the mezzanine structure and utilize the shelving on the first level as the support structure for the mezzanine level. Shelving mezzanines are often designed in tandem with free standing mezzanines, matching the two up where the shelving layout will not allow the shelving to support the structure. 

Shelving mezzanines can be made to be a catwalk style mezzanine or a full deck over style mezzanine. Flooring options are bar grating, or resinDek. They are often used in automotive dealership parts departments.

Pallet Rack Mezzanine

Pallet Rack Mezzanine

Pallet rack mezzanines are an optimal choice for when you are trying to store medium to large size parts and you need additional space. This style of mezzanine utilizes the pallet racks to support the flooring of the second level the same as a shelving mezzanine. 

Pallet rack mezzanines are commonly used in wholesale auto body parts facilities, plumbing supply facilities and many more applications. 

We custom design and engineer our rack supported mezzanines to custom fit to your specific building and application so you are able to maximize your square footage and storage space. 

Pick Module Mezzanine

Pick Module Mezzanine

Pick module mezzanines are highly useful for high throughput facilities needing to maximize efficiency and storage space. Pick modules all have their own flavor but they all seem to utilize a combination of pallet rack, pallet flow rack, carton flow rack, and a conveyor system. 

Pick modules are often multi level mezzanines and are used in high rate picking operation. Material is loaded into the system from the outside by a forklift. It then flows down to the center of the module where employees are there to pick the materials and place orders onto the conveyor belt in the center of the module. 

These pallet rack mezzanine systems are highly engineered and customized to customers specific needs. Pick modules are commonly seen in distribution centers.

See How A Warehouse Mezzzanine Can Increase Your Storage Space

Steel Mezzanine
Storage Mezzanine
Shelving Mezzanine in Warehouse

How To Get Material Up To Mezzanine Level

Vertical Material Lifts for Mezzanines

Freight elevators also known as freight lifts or VRC's are an excellent solution for moving pallets or large parts from the ground floor to the top of the mezzanine. Freight lifts can be made with varying capacities and varying styles to support your specific needs.

These industrial elevators can be surface mounted or mounted flush in a pit to create.a seamless mesh. Mounting the lift in a pit allows you to use a pallet jack to load in a pallet, not just a forklift. 

Freight lift options include different gates like bi-swing or vertical acting. Freight lifts can be made to hold capacities from 1,000 lbs. to up to 50,000 lbs. and can have multiple stops going vertical for multilevel mezzanines.

Bi-Swing Mezzanine Gate

Bi-Swing Mezzanine Gate

Bi-swing gates for mezzanines are a common solution for affordably and effectively moving material to the mezzanine level. Bi-swing gates can be spring loaded meaning that you do not have to go to the top to unbolt and open the gate. You can use the forklift with a pallet on the forks to push open the gate from the ground level. 

Some drawbacks of the bi-swing gate are if you have a high traffic area below it can be more dangerous to operate the lift in that area. To use the bi-swing gate you also have to have a forklift to lift the material onto the steel platform.

Pivot Gate for Mezzanine

Pivot Gate For Mezzanine

Pivot safety gates for mezzanines are designed for maximum safety when unloading material from an elevated area. Pivot gates can be used on all types of mezzanines or industrial work platforms. Pivot gates are IBC and OSHA compliant.

The pivot gate works by when one side raises, the other side closes. This means there is never an opportunity for anyone on top of the mezzanine to fall off due to open gates. The pivot gate has a counterweight in it to help ergonomically lift the gate. 

The pivot gate can be cut to different widths depending on how wide the load you're putting on the mezzanine. The pivot gate simplifies operation by not having to worry about workplace injuries.

Conveyor for Mezzanine

Conveyor For Mezzanine

Conveyor belts can be great solution for moving small to medium size parts and boxes that are not to heavy. A common application for mezzanine conveyor is automotive wholesale body parts distribution. The large lightweight boxes are very conducive for using conveyor mezzanine. 

The only drawback of the conveyor mezzanine is the floor space that it can take up. In the picture you can see it is nested next to the stair to try and mitigate it taking up to much floor space. 

Warehouse Office Mezzanine

Warehouse office mezzanines allow you to add square footage to your building. They allow you to gain a good vantage point to keep tabs of what is going on in your warehouse.

Our mezzanine office system can be completely custom designed to your office space needs. You can put windows and doors where you need them, adjust clearance height, choose flooring type, and choose hvac options.

Both the mezzanine and modular offices go up quickly and can be moved to a new location in the future unlike stick built construction. Both of these items are available for accelerated depreciation as well making is a wise economic choice.

At Trammell Equipment we make sure to take all of your needs into consideration and custom design your in-plant office on mezzanine to maximize your unused space. By building up, over existing operations you can put all of your floor space to work and increase your supervision of the warehouse facility.

Panel Built Office Mezzanine

Wholesale Auto Parts Storage Mezzanine

Trammell has extensive experience with designing and installing wholesale auto parts storage mezzanines. Careful consideration has to be done of the inventory when building one of these storage mezzanines. 

Whether you store more large body parts like bumper covers or smaller parts like lights we take that into consideration. We have specialized storage options like tire racks, bumper cover racks, hanging racks,  and more to most efficiently store your inventory. 

In the video you will see a project where we consolidated 4 different storage buildings into one building with a pallet rack mezzanine combined with a free span mezzanine. This project also included a couple vrc's and conveyor belts for moving material the next level.

11 Things To Consider During Mezzanine Design

How much weight does my mezzanine platform need to be able to hold?

The most standard capacity for mezzanines is 125 psf. This equates to 1,500 lbs. on a 40" x 48" pallet. This is the bare minimum that you can buy but you need to take into consideration how much weight the mezzanine will be holding and design accordingly. Another thing to consider is point loads. If you are going to be putting machinery with feet especially, this needs to be taken into account during the design process so the mezzanine structure can be designed accordingly.

Can I have the mezzanine columns placed to avoid building structure and walkways?

Yes! This is what Trammell Equipment specializes in . We take pride in designing our warehouse mezzanine systems to mesh with your specific facility. This is why you will not see us selling any "mezzanine kits" because those rarely and every industrial mezzanine systems application is going to be different.

What clear height do I need to have on my mezzanine platform?

The minimum clear height you can have is 7'-6 on your mezzanine structure for the 1st level. that being said you really would like to have atleast 8' clear because after you hang lights and sprinklers it can start to feel a little tight. If the clear height on your mezzanine is 8' then that will put the top of deck around 9'-3" depending on the capacity of your mezzanine structure.

How much clear height do I have in my building to accommodate my warehouse mezzanine?

According to code you are supposed to have 6'-8' minimum clear height on the elevated steel platform. To create an additional level, you need to have at least 15.5' high ceilings.

Where will I put the staircase for the mezzanine structure?

Mezzanine stairs placement and design is essential to ensuring good workflow and maximization of space. You want to make sure you place the staircase in spot that make sense access wise and does not interfere to much and limit your storage space. if the top of your platform mezzanine is over 12' your staircase may have to have a landing.

Where do I need to have mezzanine railing?

Mezzanine railing needs to be utilized anywhere there is an opportunity for someone to fall off of the structure. The only places where it will not be used is where the mezzanine decking is butted up against the building walls. Handrail can be 2 rail or 3 rail with kick-plate below.

Can my concrete handle the load of the mezzanine system?

Whether or not your concrete can handle the load needs to be taken into consideration. Most slabs this is not a problem for but if you have a heavier application Trammell can provide loads that columns will inflict on the concrete if the mezzanine is fully loaded. The customer can then take this information to an engineer. If it is deemed that the concrete cannot support the weight then footers will have to be installed in the floor.

Do I need to have my mezzanine permitted?

Permitting your warehouse mezzanine can be a tricky topic and you need someone with experience to make sure this goes smoothly. We like to heir on the err on the side of caution and permit most of our projects.

Use of Industrial Mezzanines

Auto Parts Department Mezzanines

Is your parts department out of space? Do you have open airspace above your parts department? Well put that space to use! A storage mezzanine is a great way to almost double the capacity of your parts department at a fraction of the cost of adding on. 

Auto parts storage mezzanines are one of the most common applications for mezzanines. Trammell has the experience to know how to design your mezzanine to maximize efficiency and space. 

We utilize different storage methods such as shelving with drawers, automotive shelving, bulk shelving, tire racks, battery racks, hanging racks, tire carousels, and more. Shelving mezzanines along with freestanding mezzanines are the most common mezzanines seen in parts departments.

Parts Department Mezzanine

Store Room Mezzanines

Warehouse mezzanines are commonly seen in store room applications. Free span mezzanines along with shelving mezzanines are commonly used depending on the application. 

With all the small parts of a store room, organization is vital. You can't be organized unless you have adequate space to separate out material. Pictured to the right is a small shelving supported mezzanine for a maintenance supply area. It features industrial Industrial shelving with drawers on the first level (for small parts) and pallet racking up on top (for larger slower moving items).

Installation timeline for a project like this is 3-4 days meaning a we can be in and out without disturbing your operation to much.

Store Room Mezzanine

Luxury Garage Mezzanines

Running out of space in your luxury garage condo? Increase your square footage by going vertical with a luxury garage mezzanine. Create a space to hang out above your cars and be able to look down on all of your cars. 

Luxury garage mezzanines are custom designed to fit your space after we come out and measure the space to ensure the best fit. Have your buddies over to your garage and have plenty of space to hangout. 

Garage Mezzanines

Galvanized Mezzanines

Warehouse mezzanines can be galvanized to prevent corrosion from water in wash down areas or outdoor spaces. Galvanized mezzanines are commonly seen in chicken plant or in outdoor places where the mezzanine structure will be subjected to water or chemicals on a regular basis. 

The corrosion resistance of hot dipped galvanized steel is due to the dual nature of the coating. The zinc coating provides a barrier and cathodic protection to the underlying steel surface.

Galvanized Mezzanine

Cold Rolled Mezzanines

"Cold Rolled Mezzanines" refers to the framing members of the mezzanine. Cold rolled just means the steel starts as sheet steel and then is formed into shape by a roll former to form the correct size framing members. 

Pictured is a cold rolled steel mezzanine by Cogan that we did for a customer. The columns are braced back to the structure by knee braces to ensure stability of this industrial platform.

Cold Rolled Steel Mezzanine

Structural Mezzanines

"Structural Mezzanines" refers to the type of steel that is used in the construction of the warehouse mezzanine. Structural mezzanines utilize I beam construction in the framing members of the mezzanine. 

Pictured to the right is a structural steel mezzanine system by panel built with steel tread plate decking for a customer of ours. The structural columns are braced back to the structure with knee bracing to ensure stability of the elevated platform.

Structural Mezzanine

Catwalk Mezzanines

"Catwalk Mezzanines" refers to either a pallet rack mezzanine or a shelving mezzanine. The shelving on the first floor will mirror the shelving layout on the mezzanine platform.

The shelving from the ground floor extends up to the second level and the bottom shelf on the second level serves as the floor in that section. The only place you have to actually install flooring is in the aisle ways. 

Benefits of the catwalk mezzanine are that it allows you to save money by not having to purchase flooring where the shelving is. The drawback is that you are locked into your floor plan on the ground floor and on the mezzanine level. Catwalk mezzanines are often seen in distribution facilities. They are one of the most cost-effective ways to maximize unused vertical space.

Catwalk Mezzanine

Deck Over Mezzanines

Deck over mezzanines are used when you need flexibility for you storage on the second level. A "deck over" mezzanine can be referring to decking over shelving or decking over pallet rack. 

Basically you use the shelving on the first level and lay your mezzanine floor over the top of it to create a solid surface on the second level. This differs from catwalk mezzanines because you are not locked into your floor plan on the second level. The shelving on the first level however still cannot be moved as it is supporting the floor.

Deck Over Mezzanine

Turnkey Warehouse Mezzanine Projects

Warehouse Shelving Mezzanine

How does the process work?

Contact Trammell and a representative will come out to measure your space, analyze inventory, and discuss mezzanine solutions.

Designing mezzaine layout with AutoCAD and quoting process begins. 

Order placement.

Approval drawings are gone over with customer to ensure accuracy of all details of the mezzanine.

Quick and professional mezzanine installation.

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