Mezzanines and Work Platforms

Trammell Equipment specializes in designing, specializing and installing Modular Mezzanine Systems Nationwide but especially in the southeast including Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, South Carolina and North Carolina. Mezzanines are also referred to as storage platforms and can be an economical way to expand square footage in your building without doing an expensive expansion project. There are 3 main types of storage mezzanines and they are often combined on project to form a hybrid of two or three of the options below. The three main options are free standing, full mat mezzanine and catwalk mezzanine. Pallet rack supported mezzanines are also commonly used. Make the most efficient use of your existing space by incorporating a modular steel mezzanine system today.

Free Standing Steel Mezzanine Grey and Yellow with Forklift Gate
  • 125 PSF and up is standard floor capacity 
  • Decking most commonly used is bar grating or unfinished Resindek. Other flooring options available are concrete decking and steel decking. 
  • Framing can be C-Channel, I-Beam, or Bar Joists
  • Forklift gates, Sliding gates, and pivot gates are available.
  • Can be two stories high
  • Custom designs and standard designs are available.
  • All designs are pre-engineered and designed to hold the load of the specific application.
  • Fast, Erector style installation.
  • Commonly used in manufacturing, distribution, and automotive parts departments.
  • This style mezzanine gives you the most flexibility with storage layouts but takes up the most vertical room.
Shelving Supported Mat Mezzanine with Rousseau Shelving Blue and Grey Handrail and Bar Grating

  • Reduces cost of adding a another level of storage by utilizing the shelving below. 
  • Commonly built on top of Rousseau Shelving
  • Can be built as a catwalk or as a full mat mezzanine. 
  • Full Mat Mezzanine allows you to have a completely open floor plan on the second level.
  • Catwalk Mezzanine has a fixed shelving layout on the top level but is a little more economical than a full mat mezzanine. 
  • Both shelving supported layouts have a fixed shelving plan on the first level that cannot be moved.
  • Forklift gates, Freight Lifts, and Conveyors can be integrated to make getting material to second level easier.
  • Flooring options are typically bar grating or resindek. 125 lbs. psf is most common.

Pallet Racking Supported Mezzanine with Resindek Flooring and Yellow Staircase in Pick Module

Pallet Rack Supported Mezzanines

  • Rack supported mezzanines are a common way to utilize the pallet rack in your building as the structure for your additional levels. 
  • Utilizing the pallet racking gives you an easy way to get up higher in the racks to pull material without having to get up on a really tall ladder or having to get cherry pickers. 
  • Rack supported mezzanines are often utilized in pick modules as seen above. Pick modules are commonly integrated with carton flow, pallet flow, and conveyor to make storing and picking smaller products as efficient as possible. 
  • 125 lbs. PSF and up is the most common weight capacity for these mezzanines. 
  • Rack supported mezzanines are ideal for bulkier items that are to big for a smaller shelving unit but still used in a hand stack application. 
  • These structures are fully engineered and modular for quick and easy permitting and installation. 

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