Rousseau Multitek Carts

Rousseau Multitek Carts are ideal for Automotive Service Department Technicians. A tech is using a handful of tools a majority of the time and the ability to keep the tools close to the technician saves them time and helps the service department make more money. A great benefit of the multitek cart is when it is used in tandem with the Rousseau Technician Workcenters hideaway door. The hideaway door allows the tech caddy to be locked up at night so the tech can just roll the cart in and not have to worry about getting all the tools out the next day, they can just go to work. The multitek is able to be configured just about any way you want it. It has all kinds of options for drawers, shelves, and bins. This automotive service department technician tool cart has the durability to help you get the job done. Below are just a couple of common models. If you don't see exactly what you are looking for but are interested in the product, contact us so we can create a custom quote for you. 

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