Automotive Storage Equipment

Storage solutions for parts and service departments including automotive shelving, shelving with drawers, battery racks, tire racks, and more.

Parts Department Storage

Automotive Shelving Or Automotive Bins

Trammell Equipment has automotive shelving for sale. Also known as automotive bins.

Automotive Shelving Features

  • Over 500 lbs. capacity per shelf
  • Available in over 25 standard colors
  • We keep light grey rousseau shelving in stock
  • Available in new or used shelving
  • Clip style shelving for easy construction
  • Design and installation services available

Automotive Shelving Accessories:

  • Partial shelf Dividers
  • Full height shelf dividers
  • Doors to go on shelving
  • Open or closed style shelving
  • Shelves adjustable on 1" centers

Automotive Shelving and Automotive Bins

Automotive Drawers in Shelving

Automotive drawers in shelving are a great way to consolidate small parts that are hard to organize on shelves into drawers. Automotive drawers in shelving have partitions and dividers with labels available to easily be able to sort and configure the drawer to your specific needs.

Automotive Drawers in Shelving Features:

  • 400 lbs. capacity per drawer
  • Full extension on drawers
  • Will fit into up to 30 different brands of shelving on the market
  • Multiple configurations of dividers in each drawer
  • Drawer heights from 3" up to 15"
  • Widths of 36", 42", and 48"
  • Depths of 18", 24", and 30"

Automotive Drawers in shelving

Parts Department Mezzanines

Parts Department Mezzanines are a great way to double your square footage and utilize overhead space without having to put an addition on to your building. Available as a free standing mezzanine or a shelving supported mezzanine. 

Parts Department Mezzanine Features:

  • Can be freestanding or a shelving mezzanine
  • Double your square footage without adding on to your building
  • Keep your existing inventory in place and let us design around it
  • Multiple decking options available such as bar grating or resindek
  • Use a forklift, conveyor belt, or parts lifts to move material to the 2nd level

Parts Department Mezzanine

Tire Racks

Trammell has tire racks for sale to help organize your tire inventory.

Tire Racks Features:

  • Can be single sided or double sided
  • Widths of 48", 60", 72" available
  • Store tires 4 levels high

Tire Racks

Automotive Battery Racks

Get your batteries in a FIFO (first in first out rotation) with Rousseau Metals battery racks.

Battery Rack Features:

  • Width's of 36" and 48" available
  • Depths of 36" and 48" available
  • Can go up to 4 levels high
  • Gravity feed battery storage system
  • Can be made to have extra storage on top

Automotive Battery Racks

Automotive Parts Lifts

Trammell provides and installs automotive parts lifts also known as vrc's or freight elevators.

Parts Lift Features:

  • Carriage can be made to whatever size needed for your application
  • Lift height custom to your storage platform
  • Safer than loading pallets onto mezzanine by forklift
  • Loading pattern to fit your needs
  • Can be hydraulic or mechanical

Automotive Parts Lift

Tire Carousels

Consolidate your tire inventory and stop lugging them on top of your mezzanine with a tire carousel.

Tire Carousel Features:

  • Can store up to 352 tires
  • Available in many different sizes
  • Widths of 14'-9" up to 20'-9"
  • Heights of 13'-2" up to 26'-6" depending on roof height
  • Can store tires up to 44" diameter

Tire Carousel

Service Counters

We provide heavy duty service counters to help store your quickest moving parts right underneath the counter.

Service Counter Features:

  • Diamond tread plate on front of counter for finished look
  • Underneath counter can be shelves, cabinets, or drawers
  • Custom heights, widths, and depths
  • Surface can be made of stainless or laminated wood

Automotive Parts Lift

Moulding Racks

Store long pieces of trim and moulding with rousseau metal moulding racks.

Moulding Rack Features:

  • Available in multiple different sizes
  • Over 25 different standard colors
  • Divider rods run from top shelf to bottom shelf
  • Can be made back to back

Moulding Rack

Automotive Workbench

Automotive workbenches for your packing and shipping workstation in your parts department.

Workbench Features:

  • Work surface option of stainless steel, laminated wood, or plastic 
  • Multiple different sizes available
  • Can have shelves, cabinets, or drawers underneath worksurface
  • Can add cabinets and shelves above worksurface

Parts Department Workbench

Hanging Racks

Hanging racks to store odd items that do not go well on a shelf. Such as exhaust pipes, belts, tubes, hoses and more.

Hanging Rack Features:

  • Available in multiple different sizes
  • Over 25 different standard colors
  • Can be a single or double deep hanging rail
  • Commonly used with wire deck storage above
  • Can have 2 levels high
  • Can be made back to back

Rousseau Hanging Racks

Technician Work Center for Service Department

Technician work centers or workstations to make your workstations uniform across your service department.

Workbench Features:

  • Stainless steel tops
  • Drawer storage below work surface
  • Technician caddy's that roll into workstation
  • Can put lift pump inside workbench for in ground lifts
  • Upper cabinets with computer cabinet
  • 400 lbs. capacity per drawer
  • Over 25 different standard colors to match your dealership brand

Rousseau Technician Work Center

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