Husky Rack and Wire Pallet Rack [Teardrop]


Husky Rack and Wire Teardrop Pallet Rack is one of the most common warehouse racking products on the market. This product is made with 100% us steel. Colors are orange for the beams and green for the uprights. Husky's Bowlock safety clip securely locks the beam in place for increased safety. Pallet rack capacities are based on rack manufacturing institutes standards.

Contact us if you need help planning your space or if you need an installation quote.

Please choose pallet racking components from only one brand as it is not recommended to mix and match manufacturers. 

Large orders may qualify for discounts. Contact us to see whether or not your order qualifies.

Husky Rack and Wire Ships From Denver, NC or Sterling, MA depending on your location in 48 hours.

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