About Us

Since 1985 Trammell Equipment Company has been providing the best quality Material Handling Equipment in the Industry. 

All About Trammell Equipment

Since 1985 Trammell Equipment has been serving customer providing innovative and dynamic solutions to it customers. We provide value to our customers by providing the absolute best combination of quality solutions to fit customer needs. Solutions that we supply includes but is not limited to, pallet racking, industrial shelving, wire fencing, mezzanines, freight lifts, technician work centers, tire carousels, workbenches, toolboxes, shelving with drawers, guard rail, scissor lifts, conveyor, pick modules and more! With our large network in the marketplace we are always researching new products and ways to improve solutions for our customers. We know you have many options in the marketplace and that is why we pride ourselves on quality customer service great prices. 

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Industries We Serve

We have worked in and continue to work in the following industries: 

  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive Parts and Service Departments
  • Ag and Heavy Equipment Parts Departments
  • Laboratories

  • Warehouse and Distribution Facilities
  • 3PL
  • Heavy Truck Parts Departments
  • Record Storage
  • Retail

Why Choose Us

With over 150 years combined in the material handling industry we have the experience to find and implement the right solutions for you. We pride ourselves on great customer service. At the end of the day we want to build good relationships with our customers and we know that is built on trust. Services that we offer include

  • Free Site Consultations
  • Free Autocad Drawings
  • Free Quotations
  • Superior Equipment
  • Professional Installations
To avoid delays a facilitate fast and prompt deliveries, we stock our fastest moving product to be able to service our customers. We maintain our own complete warehouse with new and used equipment allowing for staging of complete jobs.

WireCrafters DEA Storage Cage Yellow


Don't hesitate to contact us with any of your warehousing storage questions or needs!