Project Description:

We had a customer looking to maximize warehouse space and increase efficiency in their warehouse operations and below is the solutions we created. Trammell was responsible for designing the layout of the warehouse, permitting, shipping, and installing the material. We are very grateful for the opportunity to provide this shelving supported mezzanine, pallet rack, guard rail, wire decking to our customer. 

Shelving Mezzanine:

The shelving was done with Rousseau Shelving. The industrial shelving was used to create a second level to increase square footage in the building and maximize the existing space in the building. The shelving mezzanine consolidates storage to a smaller space allowing more warehouse for other usage. The shelving is rousseau carmine red and the shelves are light grey.Finished Resin dekwas used for the decking on the mezzanine.

Aerosol Cage:

The aerosol cage was used to store flammable aerosol cans and secure the threat of them potentially exploding. Aerosol cages are used to store highly volatile substances. Some of these include gases, flammable liquids, oxidizing agents, organic peroxides, and corrosive substances. Rivet shelving with wire shelving was used to store the flammable cans and allow water to potentially sprinkle the cage.

The cage included a self closing sliding gate and a roof to ensure safety entrance and exit into the wire cage.

Products Used On Project:

Shelving Mezzanine Distribution Center
Rousseau Shelving Mezzanine
Red Shelving Mezzanine
Industrial Shelving Mezzanine
Aerosol Cage
Aerosol Safety Cage
Aerosol Shelving
Stair for Shelving Mezzanine
Red and Grey Pallet Rack
Guard Rail end of Pallet Rack
Shelving Mezzanine Decking
Shelving Mezzanine Decking

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