Double Deep Pallet Rack is just selective pallet racking that is stacked double deep. There is a front pallet and a rear pallet. The rear pallet is accessed with a deep reach truck forklift that can pantograph out to the back pallet position

Double Deep Racks

Understanding Double Deep Pallet Rack

Double deep pallet rack is a high density racking system that allows you to increase the storage capacity in your warehouse. Double deep racks increase your storage density by allowing you to have fewer aisles. Your warehouse square footage is valuable and if you are out of space, double-deep pallet racks may be a good solution for you. 

Double deep systems have two standard selective racks bays of rack back to back. These two bays of rack will be accessed from one side. There will be a front pallet and a back pallet. 

To load the double deep racks the first pallet will be picked up by the deep reach lift truck. The forklift driver drives up to the racks, and the pantograph reach truck will reach out to place the load in the back pallet position. The front pallet will be loaded last and the forklift can just place it down in the front position

See a video of a double deep racking system being unloaded.

Components of Double deep Racks

Double Deep Pallet Rack Upright

Pallet Rack Upright Frames

Pallet rack upright frames in a double deep rack system are what the beams are hung from. The frames provide the vertical structure to the system. Uprights can be different depths based on what size pallets you have. 

Common depths of pallet rack uprights in a double deep system are 42” and 48”. The uprights can be structural steel or roll formed steel.

Double Deep Pallet Rack Beam

Pallet Rack Beams

Pallet rack beams are what the pallets rest on. The beams can be roll formed steel with a teardrop connection or structural steel with a bolt on connection. 

Beams are adjustable on 2” centers and can be manufactured to hold your specific load.

Wire Deck for Double Deep Pallet Rack

Pallet Rack Wire Decks

The wire decks are a safety feature keeping the pallets from falling through the beams. The wire decks can be manufactured to hold whatever load you need them too.

Gravity Flow Rack

Pallet Rack Row Spacers

The pallet rack row spacers keep the system rigid in the front to back direction. A common configuration of the length of the row spacers is 42” frame + 8” row spacer + 42” frame + 12” row spacer if it is back to back double deep racks.

Bull Nose Column Protector

Bull Nose Damage Protector

Double deep rack systems are often operated by a forklift truck with load wheels on the front of the lift. 

These wheels are notorious for causing damage at the bottom of the upright frame. Adding a bull nose protector to the bottom of your upright can save you a lot of money in the long run from damage repairs.

Benefits of double deep pallet rack

Double deep pallet rack systems are a great way to achieve greater storage space at a lower cost than a dynamic racking system such as push-back racks, or gravity flow racks. 

Double-deep racking can be a great choice for someone who already has standard pallet racking but is out of space. In this situation a Trammell rep can come out to your facility, inventory your current racking and measure your warehouse. Once we have that information we can redesign your layout in AutoCAD for a double deep pallet storage system. This way you can save money by not scrapping all the rack you have and starting at square one.

Drawbacks of double deep pallet rack

One of the major drawbacks of double deep pallet racking is that you do not have direct access to all pallet positions. The second pallet is not accessible until the front pallet is removed from the storage racks. This makes double deep pallet rack a lifo (last in first out) system. 

Lifo systems do not always accommodate inventory that needs to maintain a consistent rotation. The tradeoff is giving up good selectivity with selective racking for higher storage density with a double-deep configuration.

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