Pick Module Systems

Multi-Level Picking Mezzanine Systems

Pick Modules are fully engineered racking systems that integrate different racking systems and a rack supported mezzanine to efficiently move product through a distribution facility. These systems are capable of fulfilling over one hundred thousand orders per day and processing millions of units in a week. Pick Modules utilize pallet rack and conveyor to reduce congestion and improve order picking and fulfilling efficiency. Advantages to creating a pick module include incorporating a multi-level system that enables superior space utilization, allows for dense product storage and reduces material handling.

Pick Module Rack System Components

- Pallet Rack

- Rack Supported Mezzanine

- Pallet Flow Racking

- Carton Flow Racking

- Push Back Racking

- Conveyor

Industries Utilizing Pick Modules

- Food

- Retail

- Specialty Distribution

- Electronics

- Parts Manufacturers

- Drug Companies

- E-Commerce

Advantages of Pick Modules

- Efficient storage of high number of SKUs

- Efficient picking rates

- Accomodates bulk storage areas and partial carton storage

Pick Module With Conveyor

Integration of Pallet Flow, Pushback Racking, Conveyor and a rack supported Mezzanine

Our Projects Utilizing Pick Modules

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