Modular Pallet Rack Safety Netting

Modular pallet rack safety netting allows you to protect your inventory, walkways, and work areas by keeping loose items from falling out of your pallet racks. We designed the Modular Safety Netting to allow for overlapping or “shingling” of multiple nets, which allows you to protect any space quickly and easily – straight out of the box.

This pallet rack safety netting is perfect for keeping loose items or cartons from falling into a workspace or aisle way, protecting anyone walking by your storage racks and offering inventory loss/damage protection. This warehouse safety netting is also great for keeping any items in loaded racks from falling onto conveyors, machinery, or other equipment.

Part Numbers

Part numbers

Product Specs
  • Modular Safety Netting + Standard Attachment: 1,600 lb burst strength
  • Modular Safety Netting + J-hook attachment: 1,600 lb burst strength
Material Construction
  • 100% polyster
  • Mesh Weight 240g/m2
Mesh Construction
  • 5cm x 5cm knotless mesh (1.97"x197")
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