Vidir Tire Carousel 28" Max Diameter (fits 147 tires)

Vidir Tire Carousel


Height: 13'-2"

Width: 14'-9"

Depth: 6'-11"

Number of Carriers: 7

Tire Qty: 147

Maximum Tire Diameter: 28"

Standard Color is white. Other colors available on request

Each carrier comes standard with 2 tire dividers. Dividers can be placed on the top bar to separate different types of tires.

Optional accessories:

  • Horizontal Security Gate - Prevents unauthorized access. This add on increases depth by 4"
  • Tire Ramp - Assists the operator in loading and unloading carousel
  • Dual Controls - Enables controlling of the carousel from either side
  • Full Enclosure - Includes an enclosed ceiling and replaces the mesh guarding on the front and rear of lift with solid paneling
  • Preventative Maintenance Packages - an annual inspection program designed to extend the life of the tire carousel

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