Steel King Teardrop Pallet Rack Uprights

Steel King Pallet Rack Teardrop Upright

  • Closed Tube Column makes uprights 44 times more resistant to torsional damage than open back designs
  • Formed ridge on the front of the upright provides additional steel surface area increasing rigidity and cross section strength
  • Welds between diagonals, horizontals, and columns are full fillet welds rather than spot welds
  • Teardrop holes are interchangeable with other racking systems teardrop
  • Beams are adjustable on 2" centers
  • Footplates are 10 gauge welded to the upright
  • Formed ridge on footplate allows for easy nesting of shims
  • All Steel King Pallet Racking is RMI Certified
  • Finish: Powder Coating Green
  • Capacities are based on 36" beam spacing

Shipping: Ships in 24-48 Hours from Sauk Village, IL

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