Keep Your Warehouse Safe

Do you know if the storage equipment in your building is safe? Have you been ignoring pallet racking damage. An independent and professional inspection is the best way to keep your employees and facility safe and reduce your legal risks.

Damage pallet rack upright

Pallet racking and other material handling equipment can be a great storage solution but only when it is used correctly. It is not worth the risk to expose your employees and facility to the physical and legal ramifications of negligence of providing a safe work environment.

Free Inspections

Yes we offer free inspections and here is what you can expect:

  • ¬†Inspection of all uprights to ensure no damage has been done to the columns or bracing.
  • Ensuring all uprights are anchored to the floor and none of the anchor bolts have busted.
  • Check to make sure all necessary hardware has been used in connections and that no hardware is loose.
  • Checking capacities on beams to confirm that they are adequate to hold the load.
  • Checking for erosion in the system.
  • Ensuring that there is no deflection in the system.
  • Properly documenting all damage and providing a quote for replacement parts and installation.

Trammell has the experience and expertise to help you keep your warehouse safe and rest easy.

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