Industrial Shelving

Which industrial shelving system is right for you?

Searching for the right industrial shelving can be an overwhelming task. It is important to get the right shelving to suite your application. The word shelving is used broadly to cover all different types of shelving but not all are the same. Many customers refer to it as bins, warehouse shelving, warehouse racks, pallet shelving, steel shelving, or heavy duty shelving.

Below are 4 main types of shelving that are commonly used:

  • Steel Clip Shelving – Rousseau Metal makes the best heavy duty clip industrial shelving on the market. With lots of different standard paint colors and all the different features, it is hard to go wrong. Easily make a shelving supported mezzanine using this heavy duty shelving.
  • Drawers in Shelving – is a great way to consolidate small parts and utilize the full depth of your shelving unit. Convert (6) 36″ x 12″ units into (1) 48″ x 24″ drawers in shelving units.
  • Wide Span Shelving – is perfect for storing bulkier items that will be hand stacked. Decking can be wire deck, solid steel, or wood.
  • Rivet Shelving – is the most cost effective way to store bulkier hand stacked items.

Let us plan your storage area for you! A Trammell Equipment representative will be glad to assist you in your space planning from the beginning. Let our team of experienced storage equipment and space planning experts provide critical input in the beginning stages of your planning so we can make the most impact on optimizing your space. Provide some basic information on the space available, the items being stored, your location, and we can help get you pointed in the right direction. We have years of experience implementing these systems as you can see from our projects.

Rousseau’s mymodel-r tool can also be a great tool to help you design your system. Click here or the logo to go to the site. industrial shelving rousseau

Steel Shelving

Rousseau Metal Spider Shelving is an extremely versatile and heavy duty shelving system with many different features. Designed for intense use, Rousseau’s modular system will maximize the space in your warehouse, parts department, maintenance workshop, distribution center, etc. These shelving units are easy to install and the clip style allows you to change shelving elevations without tools. The box style shelf provides capacities ranging from 450- 800 lbs. There are also several different standard color choices to suit your needs.

Features and Accessories:

  • Open or Closed Style Shelving
  • 450-800 lbs. Capacity Per Shelf
  • Pegboard
  • Shelf Dividers
  • Dividing Rods
  • Doors (poly carbonate or solid steel)

Drawers in Shelving

Why would you want to put drawers in your shelving instead of just using a modular cabinet? Well the main reason is cost. Drawers in shelving are on average 15% to 20% cheaper than buying a modular cabinet. That does not even consider the shelf storage that you get above without having to buy a stacking cabinet.

With Rousseau Metal the quality and the lifetime warranty on the rolling mechanism remain the same with drawers in shelving as it does with their modular cabinet. These units are easy to integrate into a shelving mezzanine system and not change the footprint.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fit (6) 36″w x 12″d units into (1) 48″w x 24″d drawers and shelving unit
  • 400 lbs. Capacity drawer
  • Lifetime warranty on the rolling mechanism
  • Drawer dividers allow for greater organization among smaller parts
  • Create much denser storage
  • Don’t have to reach to the back of the shelf
  • Rousseau can retrofit their drawers into 35 different brands of shelving


  • Once in place, they are difficult to move

Try Our New Online Drawer in Shelving Configurator!

Wide Span Shelving

Rousseau Metal Wide Span Shelving also know as “Mini Rack” or “Bulk Shelving” is a great option for items that are to big to put on a smaller parts shelf but is not being palletized. It is a sort of hybrid between pallet racking and smaller parts shelving for bigger parts that are going to be handpicked.

There are three types of decking going from least expensive to most expensive:

  • Wood
  • Wire (most common)
  • Solid steel

Rousseau Mini Racking boasts capacities ranging from 650 lbs. per level to 1,200 lbs. per level depending on the dimensions and components. Our Mini Racking is unique because it can be easily incorporated into a shelving mezzanine system.

Rivet Shelving

Rivet Shelving ensures quick and easy assembly without the use of nuts and bolts. Rivet comes in a variety of sizes and there are three types of decking going from the least expensive to most expensive:

  • Wood (most common with rivet)
  • Wire
  • Solid Steel

Tie bars are added front to back on the shelf to increase capacity. Rivet shelving is often used for record storage.

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