Pallet Rack Decking Options

What decking options are available?

There are many different pallet rack decking options available. Some of these include pallet support bars, wire decking, corrugated decking with cover plates, bar grating decking and more.. Choosing the right decking option for your pallet rack is important, and which one works best depends on your application and budget. Decide what works best for you from the options below. Sizes and capacities of each solution listed below can be customized to fit your specific needs. P

Nashville Wire Wire Deck pallet rack decking options

allet rack decking can help keep your warehouse and employees safe. Let us help you navigate which solution works best for you and your local fire codes.

Do I need decking for my pallet rack?

While you can set pallet on appropriately sized pallet racks without any decking this is not recommended. The decking acts as a safety net to prevent pallets from falling through if they are not placed properly or the pallet is faulty. In addition to safety benefits, pallet rack decking allows you to store more than just pallets on your racking such as box

es, bags, or maybe smaller size pallets. We highly recommend using some sort of pallet rack decking options on your pallet rack.

Wood decking is not listed below but is also a common form of pallet rack decking that is used. Use either 2″ x 4″

in the step of the beams or plywood laid down on top of the beams with pallet support bars or 2″ x 4″ studs underneath to support. In most cases we end up recommending wire decking. This is because they are inexpensive and they are more compliant with fire codes because they do not burn. Pallet support bars can always be added underneath wire decks to increase capacity. Nashville wire is our preferred wire decking manufacturer.

Contact a Trammell representative for a free consultation on which decking will work best for you.

Wire Decking

Wire Decking is the most common and economical versions of pallet rack decking. Wire decking provides a safety net from bad pallet placement on the racks or faulty pallets. They are available in different capacities and in inside waterfall and outside waterfall configurations. Outside waterfall is not required to be fastened to the beam, where inside waterfall is.

We stock Outside Waterfall Wire Decks in Birmingham, AL. Click here to see items we keep in stock.Quick ship pallet rack accessories in stock

Pallet Support Bars



Pallet Support Bars act as a secondary support for pallets. They are the most cost effective way to get some protection from pallets falling through the rack from poor placement and bad pallets. They are available in many different styles like flanged or top hat. They are also available in many different depths like 24″, 36″, 42″, 48″. Most pallet support bars are galvanized finish and they fasten to the beam with tek screws. A common use is to put pallet support bars underneath plywood to help support it and create a solid deck.

Corrugated Decking and Cover Plates



Corrugated Rack Decking with cover plates are available in solid forms or with holes punched in them, depending on the application of the product being stored and the fire codes in the area where it is being installed. They are available in as heavy as a capacity as you need. This type of decking is perfect for storing items with point loads, as the point load will not tear up the decking like it would on wire decking.

Bar Grating Decking



Press Lock Bar Grating Decking is the most heavy duty option for decking in pallet rack. It is built to withstand a beating and is great for applications like storing point loads such as wire baskets or steel containers or storing really heavy dies. The capacity can be designed to meet any requirement that is necessary. The decks can fastened to the top of structural beams by tek screws in countersunk holes. Can be used on structural or roll formed beams and fit any size width or depths of your pallet racking.

Fork Entry Bars



Fork entry bars are used useful when trying to store items that are not palletized such as plywood. The fork entry bars allow you to set the product down and let the forks of the forklift slip out from underneath the product. Fork Entry bars are available in any size and capacities that you need. Angles ends sit over the edge of your beams and are fastened down by tek screw to keep them from accidentally being removed.

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