Material Handling Lifts

We work with manufactures of a wide range that make of high quality material handling lifts. Our suppliers manufacture innovative lifting solutions for all your material handling needs. We work in all industries but especially manufacturing, distribution, defense and government, and automotive. These lifts can help improve the safety of your facility and also improve work efficiency. Custom design any freight lift or scissor lift to fit your exact needs. We have a wide variety of design options at our disposal. This includes gates, enclosures, different controls, and speed to name a couple.

Freight Lifts

Freight lifts are also known as freight elevators or technically known as “Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors”. The design is to move material in factories, warehouses, and industrial plants from one level to another. VRC’s are not elevators and passengers should not ride on them. VRC’S can be hydraulic or mechanical and are often integrated with mezzanines.

Scissor Lift Tables

Autoquip scissor lift tables are built to deliver and last decades with reliable performance. With over 1,000 options and designs you can be sure there is one to fit your application. Heavy steel structure and premium parts make Autoquip’s scissor lifts stand up to the toughest demands.

Dock Lifts

Use a dock lift so you can eliminate danger and extra required space that comes with a yard ramp.  Available in a wide variety of capacities and sizes to fit your application. Can be pit or surface mounted.

Why choose us

Trammell Equipment is a full service material handling lift company in the southeast. We have been designing and installing material handling lifts since 1985. Our team is ready to assist you because we want to ensure maximum ergonomic usage of your space. We offer turnkey lift solutions almost anywhere in the united states. Contact us today to set up your consultation.

Freight Lifts

Freight Lifts, also known as Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC) provide an excellent solution for conveying high capacity freight between floor levels. Freight lifts come in two different motors hydraulic and mechanical. The size of the platform, the vertical travel, and the style of the lift are all custom designed to best fit the customers needs. Lifts can be built to convey up to 50,000 lbs.!

Though they are often referred to as freight elevators, VRC’S are actually not classified as them since they are designed to transport materials only and not passengers. Strict elevator codes do not apply to VRC’S makingthem have a much lower cost of ownership.

See how we kept the beer cold and crisp with a freight lift at an nfl stadium.

VRC Freight Lift Beer

Scissor Lift Tables

The simple and effective pantograph lifting mechanism. Autoquip scissor lift tables are built to last and deliver decades of reliable performance. Pictured to the left are just a couple of designs that are offered and designs can always be custom to fit your specific application. Available in any size and capacity that you might need, autoquip has the solution for you. Available in hydraulic or pneumatic options.

Dock Lifts

We carry the most heavy duty dock lifts on the market. Built to withstand the most rigorous loading and offloading applications. Most dock lifting equipment can be modified or customized to meet any specific requirements you may have. We also offer a variety of options that add to the functionality of the dock lift including, deck locks, conveyors, accordion skirting, anti skid platforms and more. Options are available for pit mounting or surface mounting. Autoquip dock lifts can also be portable for convenience.

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