Stanchion Racking

What is Stanchion Racking?

Stanchion Racking allows for stacking of steel tube or pipe in an organized area allowing it to be accessed with an overhead crane. Our specialized structural steel stanchion racking is customized to our customers needs. A variety of column, arm, and shelf configurations are available to provide you with a safe and organized storage solution. Our stanchion racks will help you safely organize the storage of steel pipe, tubing, and bar stock. This heavy duty steel pip racking system allows for flexible storage saving time, reducing operating costs, and increasing profits.

Design Features

1. Maximize Storage - Customers can efficiently and neatly organize inventory

2. Flexibility - Adjustable / stackable shelf designs offer highly flexible storage space

3. Increased Safety - Workers retrieve parts easily and safely reducing employee accidents

4. Reduced Product Damage - Inventory is protected from being hit by material handling equipment

Sketch of Stanchion Racking
Bar Stock Racking for Crane

Design and Layout for Stanchion Racking Systems

For over 35 years, Trammell has been designing Stanchion Rack Systems for companies just like yours. We have the knowledge and expertise to take your project from conceptual to real life as painless and cost effective as possible. With so many different systems and options it can be overwhelming but you can rely on us to help steer you in the right direction. Our consultations include free AutoCAD designs and layouts and free quotes as well. We feel confident we can create the right Racking System to meet your customized needs.

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