Tool and Die racking

What is Tool and Die Racking?

Tooling, Dies, and Molds are inherently difficult to store because of their fragility, weight, and inability to be stacked. Having these items stored on the floor leaves them susceptible to damage and is inefficient storage. Tool or Die Racks are designed to be services forklifts and increase access, improve safety, and maximize the floor space. Because tools and dies are a vital component of your manufacturing process, we think it makes a lot of sense to consider how they are stored. Trammell can carefully consider what the best storage solution for these will be.

Why Get Tool and Die Storage Racks?

1. Greater Safety - All racking systems are engineered to customers applications reducing risks of injuries.

2. Easy access to individual dies - Items are stored on deck plates, open beams or fork entry bars.

3. Reduced damage - Items are protected from coincidental accidents plus dirt and debris

4. Increased Capacity - Free up your floor space with high density storage maximize square footage

Design and Layout for Die and Tool Racking Systems

For over 35 years, Trammell has been designing Die Rack Systems for companies just like yours. We have the knowledge and expertise to take your project from conceptual to real life as painless and cost effective as possible. With so many different systems and options it can be overwhelming but you can rely on us to help steer you in the right direction. Our consultations include free AutoCAD designs and layouts and free quotes as well. We feel confident we can create the right Racking System to meet your customized needs.

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