What Type of Pallet Rack Do I Have?

Speedrack Teardrop Pallet Rack

Speedrack Teardrop

Speedrack Style Pallet Racking

Speedrack Style

Interlake Welded Warehouse Racking Orange and Green

Interlake Mecalux Teardrop Welded

Interlake Mecalux Teardrop Bolted Blue and Orange

INterlake MEcalux Teardrop Bolted

Ridg-U-Rak Slotted Pallet Rack

Ridg-U-Rack Slotted

Ridg-U-Tier Pallet Rack

Ridg-U-Rak Ridg-U-Tier or Teardrop

Husky Green and Orange Pallet Rack

Husky Teardrop

Steel King Teardrop Racking

Steel King Teardrop

Unarco Teardrop Racking

Unarco Teardrop Racking

Unarco T Bolt Racking Blue and Yellow

Unarco T-Bolt

Unarco Sturdi Bilt Racking

Unarco Sturdi-Bilt

Interlake New Style Racking

Interlake New Style

Paltier Pallet Racking


Husky Lynx Pallet Racking

Husky Lynx

Triboro Teardrop Pallet Racking

Triboro Teardrop

USP Teardrop Racking

USP Teardrop

Lyons Teardrop Racking

Lyons Teardrop

Schaefer Pallet Racking

Schaefer Racking

Keystone Pallet Racking


Structural Pallet Racking

Structural Racking

Mi Rack Pallet Racking

Mi Rack

Frick Gallagher Pallet Racking

Frick Gallagher

Hannibal Teardrop Racking

Hannibal Teardrop

Hannibal Structural Racking

Hannibal Structural

Pallet Rack Identification Guide

What type of pallet rack do i have may be a question you are asking yourself if you are trying to match your existing pallet racking or replaced damaged racking. Pallet Racking also referred to as Warehouse Racking, Selective Racking, Commercial Racking and more comes in many different styles. Whether you are trying to match or replace damage in your existing system, our comprehensive pallet racking identifier to help you figure out what brand you have. 

Trammell Knows pallet rack

With over 150 years of collective experience, we know all the nuances and tricks of the rack industry. We know how to best help you decide on which style to go with and how to best implement repair or replacement to damaged racking components. When deciding what pallet racking system to go with in a new facility several things have to be taken into consideration such as price, durability, availability in the future, ease of use, and more. Trammell can help you navigate these waters and make the best decision for your company. 

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Commonly used names for pallet racking

  • Storage Shelving
  • Heavy Duty Shelving
  • Heavy Duty Racking
  • Industrial Racking
  • Storage Racking
  • Wire Shelving Unit
  • Pallet Shelving

  • Warehouse Storage Racks
  • Used Warehouse Shelving
  • Storage Racking Systems
  • Industrial Shelving Systems
  • Selective Racking
  • Muscle Racking
  • Dynamic Racking Systems

  • Warehouse Shelving Systems
  • Boltless Steel Rack
  • Heavy Duty Metal Shelving
  • Steel Racking System
  • Commercial Racking
  • Warehouse Racking Solutions
  • Industrial Rack Shelving