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Automotive Service Department

Experience-based solutions for automotive dealership parts and service departments

Automotive Workbenches

Basic workbenches create a safe and organized surface for performing tasks efficiently.

Open Workbench

With its sturdy construction and polished appearance, the open workbench can fit in almost any environment.

Teardown Bench

Designed for clean and efficient dispersion of fluids when repairing a transmission. Can be fixed or mobile.

Workbench with Sliding Door

Allows safe and neat storage of various items. Can be fixed or mobile.

Wall Mount Workbench with Storage Cabinets

Ideal for keeping floor space clear when cleaning or to avoid accumulation under the work surface.

Mobile Workbench

Combines a work surface with mobility and storage.

Open Double Workbench

It evolves with your needs by simply adding accessories.

Workbench with ā€œLā€ Compact Cabinet

The ā€œLā€ compact cabinet is perfect for storing small items and office supplies. Can be fixed or mobile.

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