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Industrial Department

Custom material handling and storage solutions for warehouses and manufacturing facilities

Industrial Shelving Systems

Trammell Equipment carries the highest quality Industrial Shelving and Drawers. At 800 lbs. capacity per shelf and 400 lbs. capacity per drawer, we can design flexible and customized solution for any need.

Spider® Shelving

Heavy duty, easy to install, and reconfigurable without tools the Spider® shelving system solves all of your storage needs. It is available in open or closed style units and with the ability to make it mobile. This system allows you to organize your parts and reconfigure storage space according to the changing needs of your business. We have new and used shelving in stock!

Shelving with Drawers

Shelving with dividers and modular drawers for small and rapid turnover items. Rousseau drawers can be installed in over 35 brands of shelving on the market, and they have a capacity of 400 lbs. each, making them the strongest drawer in the industry. The Rousseau drawer rolling mechanism is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Modular Cabinets

With a lifetime warranty on Rousseau’s drawer sliding mechanism as well as unrivaled reliability and durability, these modular cabinets will be your trusty companion for everyday tasks. Rousseau also features the ability to make the toolbox mobile and put multiple banks of drawers in a cabinet.

Mini Racking

With quick assembly and sturdy construction, mini racking is designed for the hand loading of intermediate weight/bulky items 800-1,200 lbs. Decking for mini rack can be a variety of options including wire decking, metal decking, and wood. We have new and used mini racking in stock!

Mobile Aisle

Move entire rows of shelving and increase storage capacity by eliminating the need for an aisle with mobile aisle shelving systems.

Rivet Shelving

Rivet Shelving ensures quick and easy assembly without the use of nuts and bolts. Rivet shelving comes in a variety of sizes and can be decked with wood or wire decking. We have new and used Rivet Shelving in stock!

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