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Automotive Parts Department

Experience-based solutions for automotive dealership parts and service departments

Specialty Automotive Storage Racks

We carry customized storage equipment you can’t find anywhere else, to optimize storage capacity in your parts department.

Hanging Racks

Ideal for hanging exhaust pipes, fender skirts, and more. Single hanging racks and double hanging racks available, with 300 lb. capacity per rail and 50 lb. capacity per hook.

Bumper Cover Racks

These storage racks are great for storing bumper covers. Bumper racks can be one-sided or double-sided. Levels are adjustable in height, so you can store bumper covers for a variety of vehicles in the same rack.

Battery Racks

These racks offer functional design – each level is equipped with a front stop and two side rails to keep the battery in its place. Levels are inclined 15° to ensure the rotation of stock (FIFO).

Molding Racks

Neatly organize and protect awkward shaped parts, longer trim, or moldings.


Trammell can create a customized shelving system with a variety of accessories to meet the needs of your parts department. Pegboards are great for storing miscellaneous items at the end of a shelving unit.

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