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Automotive Parts Department

Experience-based solutions for automotive dealership parts and service departments

High-Density Automotive Storage

High Density Storage allows you to store small parts neatly and efficiently while reducing the amount of floor space used. This creates a flexible working environment and optimizes parts flow management and worker efficiency.

Shelving with Drawers

Rousseau Drawers can be installed in over 35 brands of shelving on the market.

Modular Cabinets

Several accessories are available such as foldaway shelves, hanging side cabinets, and different styles of tops. Drawer accessories include partitions, dividers, plastic bins, protective foam, and more. Also available as mobile modular cabinets.

Parts Carousel

Maximum storage capacity on a minimal footprint. A parts carousel uses the available room height to maximize storage potential, which typically results in a 60% increase in your storage area.

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